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I'm so excited to be sharing my book "Teaching Aqua Yoga" with everyone.  It's been quite the journey and I finally have an actual copy in my hands.! The layout looks beautiful and the book is now available for purchase online at,, Barnes and Noble, Friesen Press,  Kindle, Nook, iTunes Bookstore, Google Books and Kobo.

Personalized programs just for you and your needs:

  personal training, yoga, meditation and massage. 

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"Teaching Aqua Yoga" will help to bring yoga practice to many kinds of people not comfortable with a mat-based practice.  

What our customers are saying

Corinne's book was an enlightening and empowering read.  As a yoga teacher, I was able to appreciate her flow and class sets and as a yoga student I could see how it would be amazing to be taught this way in an aquatic setting.  

Julie Sweeney, Certified yoga instructor, RSSW, MTC

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